Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can anyone throw some light on Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle is a section of the Western Atlantic, off the southeast coast of the U.S, forming triangle extending from Bermuda in the north to southern Florida and then east to a point through the Bahama past puerto Rico to about 40 degrees west longitude and then back again to Bermuda.

In this mysterious place, a large number of planes and ships have vanished into thin air, most of them since 1945. Interestingle, of the thousands of lives lost in the past, not a single body or a piece of wreckage from the vanishing planes and ships have been found.

Many varied and imaginative explanations have been offered and seriously considered to account for the continuing disappearances and assumed (because no bodies have been recovered) fatalities.

These include sudden tidal waves caused by earthquakes, fireballs which explode the planes, attacks by sea monsters, a time-space warp leading to another dimension, electromagnetic or gravitational vortices which cause planes to crash and ships to lose themselves at sea, capture and kidnapping by flying or submarine UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) manned by entities from surviving cultures of antiquity, outer space, or the future looking for specimen of currently existing earth inhabitants.

One single common thread which unites them is the fact that ships and planes have completely vanished or that the ships have been found without their crews and passengers. While isolated mysteries of this nature could be explained by unusual circumstances or coincidences of weather and human error, so many of the Bermuda Triangle incidents have happened in clear weather, near to port, shore or landing base, that they seem unexplainable according to presently held concepts.